Autumn Season: Best Time of the Year to visit Nepal

18 September 2023

Autumn is the most popular trekking season in Nepal. Here in Nepal, the autumn season runs from mid-September to Late-November. The daytime temperature is around 20°C, and the weather is often dry and sunny. The weather during this time is dry and clear and neither too scorching in the Terai plains in Nepal and nor excessively freezing in the high elevation. In fact, during these months, the days are warmer and nights are pretty cool. But the bright sun makes the day pleasant. The temperature ranges around 20° C while it may fall to 5° C at night at the elevation between 1000 m and 3500 m. The temperatures range from 20° C during day and falls to negative degree at higher altitudes. Although the nights are chilly in the peaks yet the weather during day time is temperate and pleasant. Mornings are by and large, clear with clouds coming into view and disappearing to display spectacular glittery skies. Due to the ideal climatic conditions, October is a popular travel month in Nepal and is a great time to enjoy hikes, treks and outdoor adventure activities. 


  • Trails in Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and Manaslu regions are adorned with blooming rhododendron forests and alpine meadows.
  • Visit hill stations close to Kathmandu & Pokhara, including Nargakot, Dhulikhel & Bandipur, to see the Himalayas from your comfy hotel room.

  • Two of Nepal's biggest festivals, Dashain and Tihar, are celebrated back to back in October. Also Mani Rimdu festival in Tengboche above Namche in the Everest region is also celebrated. This is a great time to join in the festive spirit and learn more about the culture.
  • Guaranteed views of mountains at this time of year at higher elevations.
The reasons for visiting Nepal in Autumn season

1. End of Rainy Days

From the middle of September, the rainy days in Nepal are almost over. No muddy and slippery trails anymore. The number of trekkers that slowed down because of the rain now slowly starts getter bigger. Right from the beginning of the month, trekkers head to the mountains in Nepal. From the beautiful base camp treks to other adventures, you will find a huge number of people enjoying the trekking adventure. The trails in the mountains get drier as the rain stops and you can enjoy walking through.

2. Moderate Climate

Autumn has basically moderate climate. The climate during this season is amazingly pleasurable and so is the setting. Monsoon ends as autumn begins inviting winter.

3. Fantastic Weather

By mid-September the rains have abated and autumn arrives. Autumn is well admired for the clear weather. You will get to sun bask all day long, walk-in mild temperatures, and smooth weather. Except for early September, Autumn has a low precipitation level. It means you can walk and tour in clear weather. The weather during this time is dry and clear and neither too scorching in the Terai plains in Nepal and nor excessively freezing in the high elevation.

4. Clear Visibility

Visibility at this time of year is exceptional as the smog and haze have been washed away by the monsoon. It's the most popular time of year to visit Nepal with conditions ideal for trekking, wildlife viewing and cultural exploration alike.

5. Greenery & Rich Biodiversity

Autumn causes woodlands to appear greener and denser, and the trekking track reflects this. Many attractive hiking routes in Nepal travel through a verdant forest on their way to an alpine forest high in the mountains. The off-the-beaten-path hiking routes also include stunning green pasture and grassland plants, spectacular green forests and vibrant flowers, and clear green far vistas on a lovely bright day with a blue sky.

6. Cultural Experiences

Autumn in Nepal is not just about pleasant weather and panoramic mountain vistas; it's also a time for vibrant cultural experiences. This season coincides with several significant festivals that provide trekkers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture and traditions of Nepal.

7. Observe Festival Season

The months of autumn are particularly good months if you want to see Nepalese culture, festival and celebration at its most vibrant as two of the most important festivals - Dasain and Tihar - are celebrated at this time. Dashain is the festival rejoiced for 10 days and every day is celebrated with a few ritual ceremonies while, Tihar is celebrated illuminating houses beautifully with numerous oil-wick or modern lamps. You may also get to observe Chhath parva dedicated to Sun god for prolonging lives on earth and worshipping sun to provide his constant blessings.

8. Harvest Season

Autumn is the harvest season in Nepal, particularly in rural areas. Experience the rural lifestyle, witness traditional farming practices, and participate in local harvest festivals. It's an opportunity to engage with local communities, learn about their agricultural traditions, and savor fresh, organic produce.

9. Variety of Trekking Trips

Whether you're a novice trekker looking for easy treks, such as the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, or an experienced adventurer seeking a challenging journey like the Manaslu Circuit Trek or the Everest Base Camp Trek, there's a trek for every type of hiker in Nepal during the autumn season.

10. Wildlife Viewing

For treks passing through national parks, like the Annapurna Conservation Area, Langtang National Park or Sagarmatha National Park, the clear autumn weather can provide excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.
Overall, autumn in Nepal offers a balanced blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and excellent tour & trekking conditions. It's a time when the country showcases its best, promising an unforgettable adventure for those who choose to explore it on foot.

Alternatives to Visiting in Autumn

Although autumn is the best time to visit Nepal, there are alternatives if you can't make it during this time. Spring and winter are both good times to visit Nepal as well. The weather is a bit cooler than in the summer but still manageable. You'll miss the peak tourist season, but that also means fewer people and lesser crowds.


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