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Community Service

As a practitioner of Responsible & Social Tourism, we do support the local communities (often rural, economically marginalized and underprivileged communities).

We along with an incredible support from our guests have been providing direct economic contributions to different schools in rural areas, orphanages, centre for children with disabilities, old women in villages with almost no income, women empowerment programs and fund raising for earthquake and flood victims in Sindhupalchowk and other areas of Nepal.

Travel With Rajbala

Since we began in the early 90s we have always strived to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible and to give back to the many villages we pass through on our trekking itineraries. Today we still embrace this responsible travel approach when devising and operating our small group travel holiday experiences in Nepal. We invite you to trek in Nepal with the Himalayan trekking specialists Raj Bala Treks and Expeditions.